Browns Mill Women's Golf Association

At Browns Mill Women's Golf Association (BMWGA) our mission is to provide a supportive and positive environment, where every member has the opportunity to learn about golf and to continually develop golf skills. We offer a diverse range of activities to meet the cultural, entertainment and recreational interests of our members. Whether you are looking to meet new friends or just get away from it all, Browns Mill Women's Golf Association can help. Shed the stress and worry of everyday life and enjoy a fantastic time golfing with us!

Marva Simpson - President

Message from the BMWGA President

Welcome to the Browns Mill Women’s Golf Association 2021 Golfing season. In 2020 the pandemic affected our lives in a way that none of us could have imagined. However, we were able to organize play-day formats for those who were able to play courses where safe protocols were established; we then had Zoom celebrations to toast the monthly winners! Although we are not out of the “pandemic woods” yet, we are looking forward to a successful 2021 Golfing season. League play will commence at Brown Mills Golf Course on April 3rd.

This year we are celebrating BMWGA’s 25 th Anniversary. Hopefully, we will be able to have a special event in celebration of this milestone. The calendar for the year will be posted under the Play Days link shortly after our March opening meeting. Please check the calendar out and reserve the dates on your personal calendars. We want you to share in the fun whether as a returning member or a new member.

At BMWGA, there is something for every golfer. Play Days are held on the first Saturday of each month from April to December. On Thursday of each week there is a nine-hole outing April through September. Founder’s Cup Match play is open from May through September. Annually there is a club match between the Browns Mill Ladies and the Driving Force Ladies of Montgomery, Alabama, “The Georgia- Alabama Shootout”. This year the Driving Force ladies will host the event in Montgomery. It is regretful that we were not able to host the 22 nd Annual Women Only Golf Tournament in 2020 and it is doubtful that we will be able to host this event in 2021. However, we are looking forward to 2022 for a grand renewal of this event.

We golf a lot, but we still find time to develop friendships outside of the game. There are fun-filled times celebrating birthdays, checking out restaurants, going to movies, attending plays, exchanging recipes and numerous fun-filled 10th hole and 19th hole gatherings.


Our 2021 Executive Board:

President Marva Simpson
Vice President Joyce Evans
Recording Secretary Adrienne Malvin
Corresponding Secretary Joyce Davidson
Treasurer Melody Mixon
Assistant Treasurer Victoria Washington
Parliamentarian Adrienne Whitehead